Monday, June 24, 2013

We Are Getting a Brother!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right we found an awesome deal on an AG doll and I am turning it into a boy doll!!!!  I am still in shock.  It's kind of weird.  So I was watching this doll and I realized I was going to be gone when the bidding was going to end, so I placed in the lowest possible bid (I also did this with another one, but I didn't win).  Once I got home and I checked and I noticed I only lost one.  I was like, wait a minute!  Then that means I won the other one!  So I got this doll for $29.99 (plus shipping).  Is that an awesome deal or what?  I can't wait to change it into a boy!

The Adollable Dolls

(Picture via the Ebay seller.  I do not own it.)


  1. How exciting for you!! :) Is he dating? ;)

    1. Uhhhh.....I don't think so. ;)

      Adollable Dolls

    2. Yeah ;) Keep it a secret (for now)I have another boy doll!

    3. Really????? Awesome!!!!! I definitely will keep it a secret. Can't wait to see what he looks like! :)

      Adollable Dolls