Monday, June 3, 2013

First Day of Camp!

Today was the first day of Camp Doll Diaries!  As soon as we arrived we went to check.  We had to wait a while because the line was really long.

 Finally Marisol checks in.  Our camp leader, Grace, was checking in everyone.  She is super nice!
Elizabeth is still waiting!  She has a huge bag!  She is wearing a headband that Angelique from My American Girl's Story sent us.  Isn't it adorbs?!?!  She is also wearing some chocolate chips converse that our lovely sponsor Ada from Release Rain sent us.  They are very well made, super easy to get on, and they are a neutral color so they go with lots of outfits.

Sonali and I chatted about what activities we are planning to do at camp while we waited for the other to check in.

Finally everyone checked in and we head to our cabin! 

A closer look at the sign.

Oh no!!!  There is only room for three in a cabin!  Some of us are going to have to camp in a tent!

I called the top bunk right away.  Marisol wasn't to happy about it! :)

Elizabeth was reading the schedule for meals and activities.
Ahhh!  Know I'm going to snuggle under my warm covers for a nice sleep.  I can't wait for tomorrow and all of the fun camp activities to begin!
Have a nice night!

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P.P.P.S This is our 60th post!!!;)
This is our entry for the week 1 photo challenge.


  1. Oh how fun! We love that you love the headband! <3

    1. It is the cutest headband ever! Elizabeth won't take off. She slept with it on! :)

      Adollable Dolls

    2. Glad you like it! :) I didn't know if you would like it......

  2. Oh my!! Your photos are wonderful and your dolls look like they are going to have a fabulous time!!

  3. I wish i could do camp doll diaries! BUT I ONLY HAVE ONE DOLL! Sighs.................


    1. You could still do some of the activities. Maybe you could get together with some friends. :)

      Adollable Dolls

  4. Fun! :) Maybe we will see you at camp!