Sunday, June 2, 2013

DIY Swimsuit Cover-Up

Happy June!  To get into the summer spirit I decided to show you all how to make a DIY swimsuit cover-up inspired by THIS human sized one on Pinterest..  These are great to toss on when you want to take a break from the water or you want to grab a quick snack before you hop back in.  I know I will be using this all summer.  I practically live in the water in the summer!

1.  Cut a rectangle of cotton fabric (we recommend using an old t-shirt) 6 inches wide and 19 inches long
2.  Cut 3, 1/2inch strips and braid together.  
3.  Cut attach the braid to one end and the side like in the picture.  Repeat on other side.  Sew.
To Wear It:
4.  Lay it flat with your doll on top.
5.  Take one side, bring it across your doll and slide their arm through the braided strap.
6.  Bring the other side across.

What do you think?  I can't wait to use mine!  (She means OURS!-Elizabeth)

Happy Summer!