Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get Ready for Summer in Glam Doll Items!

Your doll can be ready for this summer in stylish and affordable threads from The Glam Doll. 
First, this absolutely adorable skirt for only $5!
18 inch doll skirt 

Then this awesome, animal print tank for $6!
 Sleeveless Cotton Tank for American Girl 

These stylish maxi skirt outfits for $12........
 2-Piece Outfit for American Girl, Our Generation, and other 18 inch dolls 

 2-piece Outfit for American Girl, Our Generation, and other 18 inch dolls 

A cute denim high-low skirt for $7.....
Hi-Low skirt for American Girl and all other 18 inch dolls 

And this pretty, printed swimsuit for $8!
 Bathing suit for American Girl, Our Generation, and other 18 inch dolls 

But that's not all!  There are plenty more adorable items!  Check out the shop here:


P.S.  Click on the picture to be lead straight to that item's listing page! :)

We Got Another Doll!!!!!!!!

Yup, that's right!  Another doll!  Can you guess where from?  Ebay!  I am absolutely in love with this one.  I was planning on changing it into a boy doll, but she is to cute I just couldn't take off her wig so I bought a bigger wig so it will fit over the doll's hair so I get 2 dolls in 1.  For this one I did have to pay $50 (plus shipping), but still that's way cheaper than American Girl!

What do you think?  Isn't she/he cute?  I also just ordered wigs for this doll (still need to name it) and the other one I'm getting.  Oh yea, about that. 
So your probably thinking, She just bought one and now another one???  But I'm actually not going to keep both because I can't afford it right now.  So the first one (link to see it HERE) I'm selling with a custom boy outfit.  I'll give more details and pictures once I get him and fix him up.  If you are interested in buying him please let me know!  I'll let you know when I'm going to sell him on Ebay (I'm hoping to sell him on there).

Katie and the Adollable Dolls

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More Ebay Finds!

Yes, I know, more Ebay finds, but they have been to good to pass up!
Have you had any good finds?  Congrats Angelique on all your amazing finds.  Ebay is addicting.  It's so hard to stop buying stuff! ;)

(Pictures via the Ebay sellers.  I do not own them.)

 First, this 1996 Inline Roller Blade Set for $11.50 (plus shipping) with some sunglasses (but they look like ski googles/sunglasses) from AG.  I'll be getting this for my b'day.

Then this 2000 Varsity Jacket for $3.99 (plus shipping)!  Perfect for my boy doll!

Monday, June 24, 2013

We Are Getting a Brother!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, that's right we found an awesome deal on an AG doll and I am turning it into a boy doll!!!!  I am still in shock.  It's kind of weird.  So I was watching this doll and I realized I was going to be gone when the bidding was going to end, so I placed in the lowest possible bid (I also did this with another one, but I didn't win).  Once I got home and I checked and I noticed I only lost one.  I was like, wait a minute!  Then that means I won the other one!  So I got this doll for $29.99 (plus shipping).  Is that an awesome deal or what?  I can't wait to change it into a boy!

The Adollable Dolls

(Picture via the Ebay seller.  I do not own it.)

Another Ebay Find!

Hey there!  We are back!  And today we had another awesome Ebay find!  Ever since I saw this outfit on Basilmentos's dolls (from YouTube) I fell in love with it.  Isn't it adorbs?  I can't wait for it to come!  I ended up paying only $18 (plus shipping) for this retired outfit.  My favorite part is the top, but it's all super cute.  Oh and we got our bike on Saturday!  Pictures will be up soon! :)
Have you had any great Ebay finds lately?

The Adollable Dolls

(Picture via the Ebay seller.  I do not own it.)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ahhhhhh!!!!! We are so excited!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!  We are so excited!  I just bought (well actually it's for my birthday) a 2002 AG Bike on Ebay for about $24 (plus shipping).  This was my first ever time bidding on something on Ebay.  I was so nervous!  The one thing is that the seat is missing, but I can make another one and plus when the doll's are riding it you won't even notice it's gone.  I'm just so excited!

(picture via  The helmet and other accessories are not included.

Also, thank you so much for 10,000 plus page views!!!!!

Katie and the Adollable Dolls

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make a Rain Poncho

 Hey there!  I don't know about you, but where we live it's been raining almost non-stop for the past several weeks!  So to stay dry we are going to show you how to make a rain poncho.

First, your going to need an old shower curtain, table cloth, or plastic bag.  We found this plastic stuff in the scrap bin at the fabric store.  Place a dinner plate on it and draw a circle about 3 inches bigger all the way around it.  Cut out the circle.

 Fold the circle in half and place your doll on it in the middle.  Mark where her shoulders are.

With it still folded cut a half circle.  Open it and see if it is big enough for your doll's head to fit through.  If not fold again and cut a deeper half circle.

Stay dry (or cool if it is really hot where you live).

P.S.  Thank you for 40 followers!  We will have another giveaway once we reach 50!!!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Make a No-Sew Sleeping Bag!

Today I went to the craft cabin.  When I walked in our camp leader, Grace, waved me over to her table. 
"What are we making today?" I asked.
"No-sew, fleece sleeping bags."

First, I picked out some scissors.

Then Grace handed me some fleece.  That's a lot of fleece!

Then I cut out the rectangle.  First, fold your fabric in half.  Your feet will be where the fold is.  Then cut a rectangle 14 inches wide and 20 inches tall/long.  Fold the top layer of fleece about 5 inches back like the picture below.

Cut slits 1/2 inch wide and 1 1/2 to 2 inches deep.  Tie the ends into knots.  Once you get to a fold (either on the top or bottom) cut it like the picture below.  For the part you folded back you will have 3 layers of fleece to tie.

Cut off the extra fleece on the sides.
Your done!  Wasn't that super easy?  You can add a pillow by cutting another square of fleece and placing it on top of the top part/the part with no knots.  (If that makes any sense.)  Sew 3 sides, stuff with fleece, and then sew the 4th side.
After I finished I hurried back to our cabin to try it out and get some pictures.  As you can see Nadia photo bombed the first one. :)

It was so warm and cozy that I had to take a little nap!

What have you been doing at Camp Doll Diaries?


Monday, June 10, 2013

Giveaway Results!!!!!

Time for the giveaway results!  First, sorry for the not so good quality photos.  I had to use my mom's camera since mine still isn't working and I didn't have time to run to the store to put the pictures from my camera onto a disc.
Anyways, onto the giveaway!  First, we put all the names into a hat.  Wow!  What a lot of entries!

And the moment you have all been waiting for............I would say drum roll please, but everyone says that so instead I will say, trumpet please...................................................................................................
And the winner is.....................................................
                                   Katie Rain!

Congrats!  Be looking for an email from us soon!  Please respond by Friday the 14th or we will draw another winner.
Thank you all for entering!  If you didn't win don't worry.  We are having another giveaway once we reach 50 followers!  Just 10 more!

Adollable Dolls

Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's the last day to enter our giveaway!  Tomorrow we will draw and post who won!!!!!  Click here to enter:
Please enter!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Sneak Peek on Some of Our Summer Items

Here is a sneak peek at some of our new items that will be added to our Etsy shop, Soda Pop Street, soon.


New Items Coming Soon to Soda Pop Street

Hey everyone!  Mom has been super busy working on a bunch of summer items for our Etsy shop Soda Pop Street.  Hopefully they will be up tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Get Ready for Summer!

First off I want to say that we had an awesome DIY post planned today.  We took the pictures this morning and went to load them on and BAM!  They wouldn't show up!  But they show up on the card.  We tried other SD cards took a few pictures and the same thing happened.  I even tried putting the SD card in my mom's camera and it still wouldn't work.  So please pray that everything starts working properly again! :/  Now onto today's post.
With summer here your doll will probably need a few new items for her wardrobe.  Who doesn't like new things in her closet  First, there is this GORGEOUS pink, damask dress and this beautiful aqua blue and white dress from The Whimsical Doll 2.
Coral Pink Damask  Doll Dress and Sash for the American Girl Doll
 Aqua Blue and White Dot  Doll Dress and Sash for the American Girl Doll
 Wouldn't these be lovely for a picnic?

Next we have a neon, pink swimsuit from Mena Bella.  Isn't is adorbs?  Who doesn't want one?  Neon pink is the perfect color for summer.
Swimsuit, towel, bag and sandals made to fit 18 inch American Girl doll

Also from Mena Bella is this pretty peplum top and skort.  Peplum is very popular right now and the colors would compliment almost any doll.
Peplum top and skort / scooter skirt made to fit 18 inch American Girl doll 

From Cinder Frost Studios we have these two adorable necklaces. 
Black Silk Necklace, Rose Charm

Black Silk Necklace, Diamond Sun Charm 
 Aren't they beautiful?  They would add the perfect touch to any summer outfit.

From Elegant Basics, is these adorable purple and black outfit.  It's perfect for that fancy occasion.
 SALE Pretty in Purple - American Girl Clothing

And finally, from Release Rain, are these colored, denim capri/shorts.  Colored denim is  all "in" right now so your doll with be stylish for summer in these!
Doll Clothes Outfit Elastic Banded Waist Mango Yellow Denim Capri Jeans Pants for 18" American Girl dolls
 Doll Clothes Outfit Elastic Banded Waist Cherry Pink Denim Capri Jeans Pants for 18" American Girl dolls 



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Giveaway Reminder

Hey girlies!  Just a reminder that our giveaway ends SUNDAY, JUNE 9TH AT 11:59 PM CENTRAL TIME.  That gives you 4 more days to enter.  Click on the link to enter:


Monday, June 3, 2013

First Day of Camp!

Today was the first day of Camp Doll Diaries!  As soon as we arrived we went to check.  We had to wait a while because the line was really long.

 Finally Marisol checks in.  Our camp leader, Grace, was checking in everyone.  She is super nice!
Elizabeth is still waiting!  She has a huge bag!  She is wearing a headband that Angelique from My American Girl's Story sent us.  Isn't it adorbs?!?!  She is also wearing some chocolate chips converse that our lovely sponsor Ada from Release Rain sent us.  They are very well made, super easy to get on, and they are a neutral color so they go with lots of outfits.

Sonali and I chatted about what activities we are planning to do at camp while we waited for the other to check in.

Finally everyone checked in and we head to our cabin! 

A closer look at the sign.

Oh no!!!  There is only room for three in a cabin!  Some of us are going to have to camp in a tent!

I called the top bunk right away.  Marisol wasn't to happy about it! :)

Elizabeth was reading the schedule for meals and activities.
Ahhh!  Know I'm going to snuggle under my warm covers for a nice sleep.  I can't wait for tomorrow and all of the fun camp activities to begin!
Have a nice night!

P.S.  We are not the maker or owner of Camp Doll Diaries.  All rights and printables belongs to DollDiaries.
P.P.S.  Thank you for 35 followers!
P.P.P.S This is our 60th post!!!;)
This is our entry for the week 1 photo challenge.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

DIY Swimsuit Cover-Up

Happy June!  To get into the summer spirit I decided to show you all how to make a DIY swimsuit cover-up inspired by THIS human sized one on Pinterest..  These are great to toss on when you want to take a break from the water or you want to grab a quick snack before you hop back in.  I know I will be using this all summer.  I practically live in the water in the summer!

1.  Cut a rectangle of cotton fabric (we recommend using an old t-shirt) 6 inches wide and 19 inches long
2.  Cut 3, 1/2inch strips and braid together.  
3.  Cut attach the braid to one end and the side like in the picture.  Repeat on other side.  Sew.
To Wear It:
4.  Lay it flat with your doll on top.
5.  Take one side, bring it across your doll and slide their arm through the braided strap.
6.  Bring the other side across.

What do you think?  I can't wait to use mine!  (She means OURS!-Elizabeth)

Happy Summer!