Saturday, May 25, 2013

Packing for Camp!

Hey everyone! Today, we started packing for camp.  We still haven't finished and I hope finish sometime!  Everyone is trying to pack their whole wardrobe!  I mean, I know camp is for almost the whole summer, but we don't have that much room.  We are all going to be in a little cabin.  As you can see our room is a mess.  And who knows where Kirsten and Josefina are!  Kirsten probably doesn't even know we are going to camp (I don't think anyone told her). :)

 Marisol is trying to squeeze everything into one small backpack.  This will be interesting!

 Sonali thinks mom will make/buy her a whole new wardrobe for camp.  Nice try, Sonali!  Her she is trying to decide which shirt to pack.  She just can't decide.  (Is it really that hard of a decision?!?!?)  In the end she packed both.

And here I am in the midst of all this chaos looking as chic and pretty as always! :)  I got the necklace I am wearing from one of our lovely sponsors Cinder Frost Studios.  She has the cutest accessories!  Now my sisters are calling for me, wondering where I snuck off to.  I guess it's time to go back to the chaos!  I am so excited for camp, but I'll be happy when everything is packed!
Are you going to camp?
Stay cool!

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  1. We are very excited for camp! We too packed pretty much our whole wardrobe....the hardest part was packing shoes ;) But it managed to fit in like 4 or 7 suitcases!

    1. We have some many suitcases and we haven't even packed shoes yet or sleeping bags, pillows, dental hygiene, and all of that stuff. :)

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