Friday, April 19, 2013

Make a Couch

Hi everyone!  Today I'm going to show you how to make a comfy, cushy, couch.
You're going to need:
-hot glue gun
-fabric scraps, fleece or stuffing

 First start off with a shoebox and some extra cardboard.  (And yes, that's a pizza box.)

Place the shoebox on top of the cardboard and place your doll sitting on the shoebox.  Draw a line where your her shoulders are.  Draw a line the width of the shoebox.

Cut it out.

Tape the piece to the back of the shoebox.

We taped another piece of cardboard on top of the seat to make it sturdier.

Draw a line on the back of the couch where your doll's elbow is.

Place the couch on it's side on the cardboard.  Draw a line on the cardboard where the elbow line is on the back of the couch.

Cut the piece out twice as long.

Fold the cardboard in half on the line.  Tape to hold it in place.

Tape it to the side of the couch.

Cover the couch with fleece, fabric scraps, towels, or any other kind of padding.  We put some fabric scraps in an old pillow case.  We added some fleece at the arm rests.

Cover the couch in fabric.

Hot glue the fabric to the bottom.

Hot glue a piece of cardboard on the bottom.

Hot glue some ribbon around the bottom to finish it  off.

And you're done! 

Enjoy your comfy new seat!


  1. Adollable!!! My doll's have a shoe box couch, but I'm going to make a new one like yours, because clearly I didn't know dolls like comfort too(and i was young...)!!!:D

    1. Oh, and, can you tell us how you made that green pillow??!?!?

    2. Thanks! And sure, our next post will show you how we made it!
      Adollable Dolls