Monday, April 15, 2013

Blogging Tips

Hola!  Today we'll be sharing with you some blogging tips to make it more fun and enjoyable.

1.  Write your ideas down in a notebook.  We usually think of awesome ideas when we don't have time to do them, so we write them down for later when we need inspiration for a blog post.  We actually got this idea from The Spicy's.  This is very helpful to us, especially since whenever we have time to do a post we can't think of any good ideas.

2.  Use lots of pictures.  The more the merrier!  Make sure if you have any super long, boring posts you use pictures to spice it up, even if you're not showing how to do something.  I think it looks much more interesting and I'm more likely to read a post if there is pictures.  Make sure though that your pictures are good quality and there not dark, messy, and blurry.

3.  Have a title photo for your posts.   (Like the first photo.)  Using a title photo grabs your readers' eyes.  Plus, it can give them idea what the post is about.  (But not always.)  If your showing how to do something, make sure the photo is of the finished product.

4.  Blog regularly.  This doesn't mean you have to blog every day, but try your best to blog at least once a week.  People are more likely to check your blog often if they know you are posting regularly rather than every few months.

That's all we have for today!  We hope this has been helpful!
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