Monday, April 22, 2013

An Etsy Package from the Industrious Dog!

Hey girlies!  Today we got a package from the Industrious Dog on Etsy!  Oh my goodness, it is so cute.  We love it!  There is a striped shirt, pink denim shorts, and two hair clips for only $11!  Ok, wow we are still shocked about this.  We really love it when we can find cute and stylish clothes with out having to rob the bank.  We will definitely be buying from her again.  The quality is amazing and it came in only five days.

The shirt has velcro in the back all the way down.  All the pockets on the shorts work too and there is a faux fly zipper.  The material is great quality.  The shorts are a stretchy denim and the shirt is cotton.

We can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can wear this!  It's just perfect for a hot summer day.

-Ships fast
-Great quality and well made
-Fashionable and stylish
-Comes with two barrettes

Nothing for here!

We plan on ordering something else soon.  There are lots more stylish outfits to choose from.  Visit her here.
Have a great day!


  1. adorable!!! You got tagged!!

  2. You got tagged!!

  3. Hi! :) Yes, I LOVE this! We shop from her monthly! The skinny jeans on my blog that I did a post about were from her. I love her things! SO reasonable! :)

    1. We found her shop from your post with the skinny jeans! We are so glad we did too! We love her shop!
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