Thursday, April 18, 2013

Adollable Dolls Fashion: Lace

Hey everyone! Today we have a fashion post.  It's a series we're starting.  There's not any specific times well be posting about this series.  Just whenever we feel like it.  Ok, so recently when we went on a shopping trip we noticed there was one thing that was everywhere.  Can you guess it?  Yup, lace!  We love lace.  It's so pretty and perfect for spring and summer.  So anyways here are some pictures of the lace clothes in our closet. 

Here we have shorts with lace pockets.  We actually did a DIY in a post recently on how to add lace to back pockets.  You can see it here.

This shirt we got from Liberty Jane and we absolutely adore it!  The color, lace, patterns......everything!

Here is another lace shirt.  This one is completely lace and is an off the shoulder top we made with Liberty Jane patterns.  The light green color is a very pretty color for spring.

And last but not least is a lace scarf.  We actually made it using the same lace as the shirt above.  Throwing on a lacey scarf is the perfect way to spice up an outfit.  You can visit this post here to find out how to make infinity scarves.

That's all for today!  We hope you enjoyed today's post!  What's your favorite spring item?
Adollable Dolls

P.S.  The green lace shirt and scarf will be on our Etsy as soon as we get everything set up!!!!!


  1. I. NEED. THAT. SCARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D It is okay if instead of emailing you, if you could add me as an author to this blog, so that i can post the guest post thing? on the blogging thing, go to adollable dolls, click settings, add an author, write, invite author. Also tell me when you want me to post it. You can keep me as an author after I'm done, or just cancel it. Thanks!!!

    1. I know the scarf is so cute! Sure, I can just add you as an author. I'll let you know when I want you to post once I figure out all of the posts and stuff.
      Adollable Dolls