Sunday, March 24, 2013

Make a High-Waist Skirt

 Hey girlies!  I don't know about you, but I'm ready for spring.  And so, to get into the springy spirit, I'm going to show you how to make this super, simple skirt that you can wear for Easter (eeek!  It's next week!) or any other occasion. 
You're going to need:
-sewing machine or thread and needle
-safety pin

Cut the two pieces of fabric.  The first, for the skirt, should be 7 inches wide and 15 inches long.  The second, for the sash, should be 4 inches wide and at least 30 inches long. (I forgot to make it 30 inches long.)

Hem the bottom of the skirt piece and make a casing for the elastic on the top. (It's like a wide/big hem.)  

Cut a piece of elastic 10-10 1/4 inches long.  Put the safety pin on the end and push through the casing to the other side.  (Make sure the end of the elastic doesn't go into the casing.  There should be a little elastic on both ends sticking out.)

Right sides together, pin the the sides of the skirt together and sew down the side.  We finished it off with a zig-zag stitch, but that is optional.

Now, for the sash, fold the fabric in half the the long way right sides together.  Sew the long side and one short side.

Right side out the sash and fold the edges in on the unsewed short side and sew.

Voila!  There it is!  A cute and trendy skirt for the spring!

I wore a white t-shirt (which I also made) with the skirt along with pink sandals from American Girl, and some beads.

Have a springy day!

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