Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Post! Spring Fashion

Hey guys, this is Nadia and Elizabeth.  We are so excited for our first post.  Today we are going to be blogging about spring fashion.  Yes, we know it's only January, but we can still dream about the outfits we will wear in the spring, can't we?
First, we are starting off with a basic white tee (made with the free t-shirt pattern from Liberty Jane) and Kit's floral meet skirt, but any floral skirt will do.  We tucked the shirt in and pulled the skirt up so it looks like an empire waisted dress.  For the hair we twisted back the front strands and used barrettes to hold in place.

Our first look is a casual, school day or just hanging out with friends, kind of look.  We added some light pink, frayed converse with a green print on them.  They came with an outfit that American Girl sold a couply of years ago.

Our second look is chic, fashionable and stylish.  Perfect for a day of site seeing, walking in the park, eating at a cafe, or shopping in the city.  We added a light pink beaded bracelet, a hat from American Girl that came with Marie Grace's Summer Outfit that you can't buy anymore, and the boots that came with the outfit.
Thanks for reading our first post and we hope you enjoyed it!  Until our next post au revoir!
Nadia☺ and Elizabeth

P.S. The pictures do not do me justice.  I am WAY prettier. ♥ Lizabeth
P.P.S.  Don't listen to her, she's crazy! ☺ Nadia