Monday, January 7, 2013

A Tour of our Store Scene

Hey guys!  It's Nadia and Elizabeth here again.  Today we are going to give you a tour of our store scene which was used in one of our lastest stopmotions. 
First we have the store front.  We used a lid with  flap and removed the flap.  We covered the lid with brick paper printed off from Google.  We added a sign, a Christmas tree, and a dress form in some clothes.
In this photo it shows you the whole store scene.  We took  big piece of cardbord, folded it in half and added some wrapping paper for wallpaper.  We took some thick posterboard and covered it in another fun printed wrapping paper and tapped it to theside of the cardboard.  On the other side we taped the store front window.
Here we have one side.  We used double sided tape to attach some hats for a ht display.  We added a little bench made from a tissue box.  We first taped on a rectangle of cardboard to the top the same size as the box then covered the top in wrapping paper.  We added some ribbon to cover the edge of the wrapping paper. 

This is the back wall.  We made  dressing room by cutting out a square bigger than the dolls head, taping the end to the wall, and then we put two dowels on the other corners that aren't touching the wall.  We then cover it in fabric and added a little bow.  We used a small jewelry chest with drawers to display the shoes.

A closer look at are shoe and jewelry display.

A closer look at are dressing room.

A closer look at the clothing display.

We hoped you enjoyed the little tour of our store and if you make any kind of store or shop we would love to see pictures of it!  Just email us the pictures.  Our email is
Thanks for reading today's post and have a great day!
Nadia☺ and Elizabeth

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