Sunday, December 22, 2013

Get into the Christmas Spirit!

Christmas is in three days!  How exciting!  However, sometimes you can get overwhelmed with all of the busyness of getting ready for it that you can forget to enjoy the excitement of Christmas.  Here are some of our favorite things we like to do to get into the spirit!  
Wrap presents!  It's always exciting to wrap up gifts for our friends and family and the best part it putting them under the tree!

 Hang up our stockings!  It is quite simple, but just adding a colorful stocking to the fireplace makes it so much more exciting!
 Decorate the tree!  If you haven't already, then you need to do it!  And if you already have, add some more!  There is never to many ornaments on the tree. (Unless, of course, it falls over.) :)

 Wear some sparkle!  Sonali always likes to add a sparkly accessory to her outfit when it gets close to Christmas.  Something as simple as bow is perfect for sparkling up your entire day!
 Dress up in holiday attire and get your picture taken in front of the tree!
 Read your favorite Christmas stories (or watch movies of  them).  Our favorite is the story of the birth of Jesus, but we also really enjoy The Nutcracker.  What are your favorite stories?
Eat some candy canes!  Yum, yum, yummy!  Nothing screams more Christmas to us then the delicious and refreshing taste of a candy cane in our mouth.
While all of these are very fun and exciting things to do, we can't forget the true meaning of Christmas and the reason for the season.  Jesus Christ!  Who, was born in a stable and laid in a manger.  We hope you have a fantastic and amazing Christmas!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The Adollable Dolls  
P.S.  We forgot to let you know, but Saige was added to our family in November!
P.P.S.  Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY coming up soon to celebrate our one year blogoversary which is in ten days!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Setting Up the Christmas Tree

 Thanksgiving is over and it's that time of year to set up the Christmas tree!  Yay!  It is one of our favorite parts of getting ready for Christmas.  Cecile and I went to cut down the tree then Nadia, Elizabeth, and Tiana decorated it.

It was tons of fun!  Have you set up your Christmas tree yet?

Friday, November 22, 2013

It Snowed!!!!

 Yup, that's right!  We woke up this morning, looked outside the window and guess what we saw? SNOW!!!!!!!!  We are so excited!  We absolutely love snow!  And of course we had to snap a few pictures.

Does it snow where you live?  Do you like it?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY Skittle Costume

Hey everyone!  Halloween is tomorrow.  How many of you celebrate it?  We don't, however we did get invited to a costume party.  The theme was food.  We weren't quite sure what to do until the idea struck us: a Skittle!  This is a super easy, last minute costume idea.  And who doesn't like Skittles?
You're going to need:
-fabric (we used fleece, but whatever you have on hand will work)
-felt with a sticky back (you can find this at Walmart, Michaels, and other craft and fabrics stores)
-dinner plate
-sewing machine or needle and thread

Fold the fleece in half.  Lay a dinner plate on the fleece and trace it.  Cut out the circle.

 You should now have to circles.

 Right sides together, pin the edges.  Leave a 6 inch hole at the top (for the head) and at the bottom (for the legs) and a 3 inch hole on the sides (for the arms).

 What the sewing should look like.

Right side out the fabric and topstitch right near the edge.  DO NOT sew the holes together.  Topstitch around the holes to hold back the extra back.  We didn't topstitch around the armholes because it was to small for our sewing machine, but it you want, you can hand sew that part.

 On the back of the sticky felt draw a BACKWARDS "S."  It's important that you draw it backwards so that when you stick it on it's the right way.

 Cut out the "S", peel the backing off, and stick on to the fabric.
You're done!  We wore a white tank, denim leggings, and lace up boots with the costume.

We would love to see pictures if you made this or used it as inspiration for a similar costume?  (Maybe M&M's?)  Please either email a picture to or post it on Instagram and tag us @sodapopstreet and include the hashtag #adollabledollscostume

Have fun!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

First Day of School

So, it's been about a month since school started for us so we decided it's about time we showed pictures from our first day of school.
 Here I am packing all of my school supplies into my backpack.
 My first day of school outfit.  I go to a private school so we have to wear uniforms.

 Riding my bike to school.

 Walking into school.  It's so exciting to be back!
 I spotted my good friend Ivy right away and waved to her.

 I ran over and gave her a big hug.  It had been a few weeks since we had seen each other.

 We had so much to catch up on, but not enough time.  The bell rang and it was time for class.
 In the classroom.
 My teacher is really nice.  I really like her.
 Ivy and I got to sit together!  Hopefully we don't talk to much though or our teacher will split us up.

 Another one of my good friends, Cecile, is across from me.

Lunch was delicious and was the perfect time to catch up with my friends.
And that was my first day of school!  How was yours?


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let Us Not Forgot 9/11

On this day, 12 years ago, planes crashed into the World Trade Center.  The first plane hit at 8:45am.  Thousands of innocent people died.  Let's all pray for those who died, served, and for those who lost loved ones during 9-11-01.  In remembrance, we dressed in patriotic colors.  I cannot imagine how awful it would be to have a loved one killed or to be on a plane only to find out it was taken over by terrorists.  Let us remember that each day is a precious gift from the Lord.  Let us never take for granted our loved ones and each minute that we have.

In remembrance,
The Adollable Dolls